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The JA Worldwide Global Council is a body of distinguished individuals who are committed to the mission of JA around the world. Global Council members have the professional experience and stature to be considered for the global Board of Governors, but do not have the time to commit to governance responsibilities. Instead, members of the Global Council participate in and support JA as their schedules allow, whether connecting with budding entrepreneurs, participating in JA events, or mentoring our global staff. 

Ideal candidates for the JA Worldwide Global Council are globally minded corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, JA alumni, former JA board members, and other JA supporters who have an abiding belief in the mission of JA, an interest in engaging in JA’s regional and global events, the capacity and desire to significantly support JA Worldwide, and an enthusiasm for attracting additional supporters to JA. 

As a member of our Global Council, you’ll connect with budding entrepreneurs, participate in JA events, mentor our staff, or support our cause. In return, you’ll be recognized in our internal and external communications and be afforded unique opportunities to contribute to our thought leadership on youth empowerment and education. Along the way, you’ll impact the lives of young people who represent our best investment in the future, as they create new technologies, find cures for diseases, and develop permanent solutions to global challenges.


Global Council members support JA as their schedules allow, whether connecting with young entrepreneurs or serving as a judge or panelist at JA events.

Global Reach

Global Council members are globally minded JA supporters, such as corporate leaders, JA alumni, and former JA board members.


Global Council members are recognized in JA communications and contribute to JA thought leadership on youth empowerment and education.

Global Council Members

As one of the world’s largest youth-serving NGOs, JA transforms the lives of over 10 million young people every year. But with one out of every two young people under- or unemployed across the globe, and with higher education and home ownership increasingly out of reach, JA must expand to reach more students in more areas in more innovative ways. Meet the Global Council that's helping us get there.

Boston Latin School. Image © Ellen Harasimowicz Photography 2013

William Schawbel | Founding Member

Bill Schawbel is founder and CEO of The Schawbel Corporation, a business he formed in 1981 through the acquisition of two divisions from The Gillette Company. Bill is the former Chair of Junior Achievement of Northern New England.

Sam Di Piazza.jpg

Samuel A. Di Piazza, Jr. | Chair, Board Legends

After retiring from the position as Global CEO of PricewaterhouseCoopers International, Sam joined Citigroup as the Vice Chairman of the Global Corporate and Investment Bank. He is currently Chairman of the Board of Trustees of The Mayo Clinic.

Ann Wilson Cramer

Ann Cramer.jpg

Ann, whose commitment to and involvement with children and youth has been a lifelong journey, serves as a Senior Consultant with Coxe Curry & Associates after a career at the IBM Corporation, where she started as a Systems Engineer in and retired as Director for IBM Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Affairs for the Americas. Even though she is retired from her job at IBM, she continues her work with the improvement of conditions for families and children.

Patricia Francy.JPG

Patricia Francy

A corporate, mutual fund, foundation, and not-for profit director, Patricia has served on the Board of JA USA for more than a decade and been an active JA volunteer, teaching JA Economics to sixth graders in the New York area.

Brad Geddes.jpg

Brad Geddes

Brad has a keen interest in emerging technologies and has focused on providing solutions for businesses in the distribution, publishing, and retail industries. He is President and CEO of Zucora Inc., Canada’s leading provider of retail service programs for the home furnishings industry.

Anu Goel.jpg

Anubhav S. Goel

As Executive Vice President of Client Growth Solutions at SPIN, Anu works with brands on innovative growth strategies. Anu also heads SPINS’ Financial Clients Practice, working with private equity firms, investment banks, and other financial institutions.

Rob Klapper.jpg

Robert Klapper

As CEO of Ashworth College, an online school educating 60,000 traditionally underserved students who graduate debt-free, Rob is deeply committed to ensuring that students have access to effective, flexible, affordable career-focused education opportunities.

Walter Loewenstern.jpg

Dr. Walter Loewenstern, Jr.

Walter is co-founder of the ROLM Corporation, which grew to become a Fortune 500 company, and was later acquired by IBM. Today, Walter is a venture capitalist in tech start-ups and a real estate investor. Active in JA for over 40 years, he has served on the Santa Clara Board and helped establish JA in Novgorod, Russia.

Maurice and Katy Ostro

Maurice and Katy Ostro are passionate advocates of purpose-driven business. Maurice is a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist who has fused the two main strands of his career in building Entrepreneurial Giving, a community to encourage entrepreneurs to embed purpose within their businesses. Katy  studied Law at Oxford and worked as a solicitor at Slaughter & May and Director of Legal & HR, at a UK FTSE 250 Company, the only woman in the Senior Management Team. Together, they have built several startups, focusing on marketing, communications, and legal matters. 

Katy Ostro.png
Maurice Ostro.jpg

Art Papas.jpg

Art Papas

Art is Founder and CEO of Bullhorn, Inc., the global leader in software for the recruitment industry, and the original architect of Bullhorn’s flagship Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. He is also Chairman of the Board at Career Collaborative, an organization that strives to end working class poverty.

Andrew Schmahl.jpg

Andrew Schmahl

As Partner and Managing Director for The Boston Consulting Group’s Chicago office, Andrew is focused on transportation, industrial, and private-equity sectors. Andy is known for his expertise in helping clients identify opportunities inherent within market disruptions.

Donna Shalala.jpg

Donna Shalala

Currently professor at and former president of the University of Miami, Donna is also the former U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services, former president of the Clinton Foundation, recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and a proud JA alumna. She has been elected to seven U.S. national academies.

Brian J. Sidorsky

Brian Sidorsky.jpg

Brian, founder and CEO of Lansdowne Equity Ventures Ltd., a successful real estate business, started out in the furniture business and developed the largest retail furniture and appliance store in the City of Calgary. He attributes much of his success to his early days with JA, and has served on the Board of Directors of JA Southern Alberta.

Mark Thompson.jpg

Mark Thompson

Mark, a keynote speaker, senior executive coach, and The New York Times bestselling author, is also the co-founder of Sir Richard Branson’s Entrepreneurship Centres and an advisor to the Virgin Unite Entrepreneurs. As a venture capitalist, he has been an early investor in Facebook, Netflix, and Esurance. He has also served on the faculty at the World Economic Forum and the World Business Forum.

Jos Wintermans.jpg

Joseph J. Wintermans

As former President and CEO of LifeLabs, Inc. and former Interim CEO of Teranet Inc., Joseph’s career as a top-level executive dates back more than two decades. He has successfully managed turnaround situations for a number of small to large cap companies in the telecom, financial services, retail, manufacturing, and distribution sectors, among them Rogers Cable Ltd. and Canadian Tire Acceptance Ltd.

Regional and Global Events

We know your time is limited, but if your travels take you close to a scheduled JA regional or global event, we hope you'll consider judging, speaking, or serving as a panelist. 

August 2018 | JA Asia Pacific International Trade Challenge

Singapore: August 12-15, 2018

November 2018 | INJAZ Al-Arab Young Entrepreneurs Competition

Kuwait: November 26-29, 2018

November 2018 | JA Americas Company of the Year Competition

Lima, Peru: November 26-28, 2018

December 2018 | JA Africa Company of the Year Competition

Accra, Ghana: December 5-7, 2018

May 2018 | JA Global Centennial Gala

Boston, MA: May 2, 2019

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Ready to expand our reach and touch the lives of young people as one of our key supporters? As a Global Council member, you’ll connect with budding entrepreneurs, participate in JA events, and mentor our staff. In joining the Council, we ask that you make JA one of your philanthropic priorities and commit to a gift of personal significance. In return, you’ll be recognized in our internal and external communications and be afforded unique opportunities to contribute to our thought leadership on youth empowerment and education, impacting the lives of young people, who represent our best investment in the future.

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