On this page, you'll find the full Strategic Plan, the Plan Overview PowerPoint, the plan's Benefits for the Network, and a separate document of the plan's Appendix 3, which is also included in the full plan.

  • "It was a pleasure for me to serve on the Strategy Committee. The responsiveness of the network and the deep involvement from board members was impressive. Communicating our impact, alumni development, the importance of investing in our human capital are clearly the right priorities for JA.”
    — Caroline Jenner, CEO, JA Europe
  • “Under the leadership of Jonas Prising, the Strategy Committee has done a good job soliciting different regional viewpoints and agreeing to focus on impact measurement and communications as the first global priority. I was also delighted to see that JA’s theory of change highlights the importance of building self-efficacy in young people, which has always been a central theme of JA’s programs and is one of the critical requirements for young people to succeed in the job market of the future.”
    — Jack Kosakowski, President and CEO, Junior Achievement USA
  • “The strategic plan is terrific: the greatest needs of the network equal the priorities of JA Worldwide. I appreciate the plan's focus on quantifying impact, creating operational sustainability, and maximizing the value of the network by focusing on human capital development and network alignment, all of which are critical to JA's future success.”
    — Seema Bhatt, JA volunteer, formerly with Goldman Sachs
  • “This strategic plan is an unprecedented document that gives great strategic direction for the entire global network. It helps articulate a clear theory of change around JA's work, the role we believe we play in the world, and the value we add to building business leadership and empowering today's youth. It has been intentionally designed to be elastic so that it encompasses the nuances of the different regions of the world, while maintaining adherence to the organization's century-old mission.”
    — Elizabeth Bintliff, CEO, JA Africa
  • "This strategic plan aligns well to the growth priorities in the MENA region. In addition, we are appreciative of the transparency and inclusiveness in describing the new value-added activities for our regional operating center and member countries planned by JA Worldwide. We are headed toward better network alignment!"
    — Akef Al-Aqrabawi, President and CEO, INJAZ Al-Arab
  • "Strategy is about making choices and helping drive behaviors and outcomes. This strategic plan was co-created by both internal and external JA stakeholders and explains the “why” behind our focus on impact, human capital for accelerating sustainable growth, expanding our funding base, and strengthening network alignment—all in service of reaching more youth globally to own their economic success and be prepared for the challenges of the 21st century.”
    — Margie Wang, COO and CFO, JA Worldwide
  • “JA Worldwide's new strategy is setting the right direction for the JA network to be able to leverage our value proposition and impact around the world and across our six regions. It is the most effective answer to a rapidly changing landscape that brings many opportunities, but also challenges us to keep our mission relevant to the youth we serve and the social issues we face. This is a strategy that takes into consideration the uniqueness of each region that forms our federated organization, allowing the network to properly prioritize the things we will do, while understanding that strategizing is also about knowing what we will not do. We are shaping a culture of innovation and collaboration as key pillars of JA's work around the world, setting the cornerstone for the next 100 years of JA's impact.”
    — Leo Martellotto, President, JA Americas
  • "Taking JA into the next millennium requires a meeting of the minds and alignment of the goals and efforts of the entire JA Network. This strategic plan has not only has sharpened JA’s theory of change and impact but also articulated a powerful framework to focus on what to do—and what not to do—in times of unprecedented changes in the world’s demography, economy, and technology. This is extremely important for JA Asia Pacific, a developing region faced with huge opportunities and challenges. We look forward to the execution of the strategy, where each action drives and leads to inspiring outcome for our youth.”
    — Vivian Lau, President, JA Asia Pacific
  • “JA Worldwide’s strategic plan infuses new life into the mission that we all work so hard to achieve every day. It gives us greater collective purpose, aligns us around the most important priorities, pushes us to concretely define the impact we have on those we serve, and greatly elevates our thinking. I firmly believe that this plan will be the fuel that pushes JA to new heights—transforming the organization into a nimble, innovative, and even more impactful force for good.”
    — Brandie Conforti, Global Head of Development, JA Worldwide