With more than 50 programs to choose from, each JA organization is empowered to select the best mix of programs for the young people in its area, customize program resources, innovate new offerings, and share best practices across our global network.

The eight global programs shown below envelop all six regions, enabling JA students to learn entrepreneurship, work-readiness, and/or financial-literacy skills in every corner of the world.

Additional popular programs:

  • JA BizTown teaches students how to operate companies, manage finances, and vote for mayor in a simulated town.
  • JA Economics, a course for older students, explores how economic principles influence business decisions and consumer behaviors.
  • JA Finance Park introduces students to personal budgeting by assigning them careers, families, mortgages, and other responsibilities, including developing a personal budget.
  • JA Global Marketplace teaches students how globalization affects their lives as they take on the role of business owners who produce globally sourced goods.
  • JA Innovation Camp presents older students with a hypothetical social or business challenge and gives them the tools to find innovative solutions to the challenge in one day.
  • JA Our City explores the impact of city government, financial institutions, and the media on small businesses and startups.
  • JA Our Community teaches students about the intersection of business and community, especially how money flows through an economy.
  • JA Our Families explores how the work of family members contributes to the well-being of the family and the larger community.
  • JA Our Region gives students a first look at entrepreneurship as they run a hypothetical business and track revenue and expenses.
  • JA Ourselves introduces young students to the role they play in an economy, including the importance of saving and giving and the value of work.
  • JA Success Skills focuses on communication, collaboration, learnability, technological fluidity, and other interpersonal skills that lead to success in the workforce.
  • JA Travel & Tourism Biz, also called TTBiz, helps students move easily among cultures and encourages them to start tourism-related businesses.