The JA Worldwide Brand Guidelines serve to ensure a visual coherency and consistency across all our touch points and support our brand positioning efforts. Our integrated and flexible visual design system allows us to speak to our audiences in a way that is unique to JA. When used correctly, the system comes alive in print to create a strong, unified look that is distinctly JA.

Download the JA Worldwide Brand Guidelines

Communications Tools

FactSheet   |   Download

FactSheet | Download

JA Worldwide Annual Report  |   Download

JA Worldwide Annual ReportDownload

Factbook   |   Download

Factbook | Download

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Brochure | Download

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Overview Presentation | Download


Boilerplate Messaging

JA Worldwide is one of the largest global NGOs dedicated to addressing fundamental social and economic challenges of young people by educating and empowering them to transform their future and own their economic success.

Through the delivery of cutting-edge, experiential learning in financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship, JA Worldwide effectively broadens the canvas of possibility for young people and enriches their ability to both engage in their own economic development as well as contribute to the strength of their families, communities and economies.

The 123 country JA Worldwide network is powered by over 400,000 volunteers and mentors from all sectors of society, reaching more than 10 million students around the world.


Letterhead  |  Download   Continuation Sheet  |  Download

Letterhead | Download
Continuation Sheet | Download

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Large envelope | Download
Letter-size envelope | Download

All-purpose template  |  Download

All-purpose template | Download

Business card template   |   Download

Business card template | Download

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Pocket folder | Download

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PowerPoint template | Download

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Notepad | Download

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Notecard | Download



Iconography is an important part of the visual system and helps to bring consistency across brand expression. Illustrator files will download automatically when you click them. PNGs will open in a new tab, and you can save by right-clicking.

JA Worldwide Logo

Our logo is central to JA's identity. We've included three lockups here: the JA logo, the JA logo and tagline, and the JA triangle alone (which works well in social media, where the design favors logos that fit neatly into a square or circle). 

Color Bar

The color bar is a graphical element that utilizes the JA colors in a way that symbolizes an energetic, motivated learning process. As this is core to our philosophy, the color bar is the most ubiquitous graphical element in the JA brand.



The triangle graphic represents several things.  Like the logo, the triangular shapes symbolize the 'tiers' of learning.  In addition, the shape can be seen in the repeated pattern alluding to the way JA creates direct connections between youths an the environment around them.  By interlacing all of these elements together, the graphic comes to stand for a type of learning that is not isolated, but very much connected to the real world.

White Triangles

A variation on the triangle, the white version is blockier and offers varying opacity that takes in the color behind it. Use the white triangle (also referred to as the "white w") as an overlay on photos, social graphics, and other design elements. 

Regional and Local Logos

JA Worldwide creates logos for JA offices around the world. Find yours (organized by region) or, if it's not yet available, contact us to create one for you.


Use the following images, as needed, in your presentations, marketing collateral, and social-media posts. Save by right-clicking and choosing Save Image As.


Between now and our 100th anniversary in 2019, JA Worldwide will release 100 videos and stories of JA alumni making a difference in the world. We call this collection 100 Lives. Check out the current videos in the collection.