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Welcome to JA Labs, funded by Citi Foundation, an innovation space supporting JA locations throughout our network. Through JA Labs, JA locations (including JA member countries, sub-national offices, and JA local areas) have access to the JA Labs Innovation Fund, which supports organic innovation. The mission of the fund is to create an organizational culture that rewards creativity, out-of-the-box thinking, and calculated risk-taking.


+ How much funding is available?

50,000USD is available in each round. Disbursements to each JA location will total between 10,000 and 50,000USD, depending on the number of applications received.

+ Who can apply?

A JA location (JA member country/subnational offices/JA local areas) is eligible to apply as long as it's a Member in Good Standing of JA Worldwide.

+ What can a JA location apply for?

A JA location can apply to receive a grant for an innovative initiative that could be scaled with additional funding, or for an entirely new idea that has significant potential but needs funds for a pilot.

+ How are applications judged?

50%: Innovation and the ability to incentivize change. Innovation can be demonstrated by, for example:

  • Meeting an existing need for youth that is not currently being addressed
  • Reaching youth in new or different ways, including with non-traditional program design
  • Increasing the reach of the JA office by either augmenting its current student reach, or by reaching new populations (for example, refugees, disadvantaged youth, rural youth) that your JA location hasn't successfully reached before
  • Partnering with a digital, marketing, education, or technology organization to expand reach and enter communities or populations not yet served by JA
  • Investment in digital tools to shift the education strategy from traditional classroom delivery to on demand delivery to existing and new populations
  • A moonshot idea, which is inherently risky, but if successful could lead to transformational change within the JA network, either locally or more broadly

25%: Expected impact on youth

25%: Potential for replication throughout the network

+ What are the video requirements?

The video must be 60 seconds or less, answering only the three following questions:

  • What is the gap, challenge, or need your idea is solving for?
  • What is the idea?
  • What's unique about the idea? Any video longer than 60 seconds will not qualify your JA location for consideration.

+ Is it mandatory for us to submit a 60-second video?

Yes, a video is required, and it cannot exceed 60 seconds. Any video longer than 60 seconds will disqualify the application.

+ Who serves on the award committee?

Applications will be reviewed by the JA Senior Leadership Team, which consists of JA Worldwide’s headquarters management team, plus the CEO/president of each of the six JA regional operating centers (JA Africa, INJAZ Al-Arab JA MENA, JA Americas, JA Asia Pacific, JA Europe, JA USA.

+ When does the application process open?

JA Labs is a grant-funded initiative by the Citi Foundation through 2020. Read all about the two Round 1 winners here.

+ How do we apply?

The application period has ended. Stayed tuned for future funding opportunities.