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About the JA Global Business Hall of Fame

The Global Business Hall of Fame creates an opportunity for communities around the world to celebrate and recognize innovators and leaders in business. Nominees also will demonstrate a commitment to global good in alignment to the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

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History of the National Business Hall of Fame

In 1975, the National Business Hall of Fame was established to honor leaders in business who exemplify the values of JA and are role models to young people. Over the next 30 years, JA inducted 247 laureates, including senior executives, company founders, entrepreneurs, and industry pioneers. With tremendous career accomplishments and a commitment to their communities on local and national levels, these individuals continue to provide inspiration to generations of young people as they enter the workforce and plan for their futures.

JA Worldwide is proud to relaunch this important initiative and will begin accepting nominations for the JA Global Business Hall of Fame with presenting sponsor, Delta Air Lines.

Nomination Guidelines and Process

The nomination process is designed to engage diverse stakeholders from around the world. Nominees will be vetted throughout the process by two committees and the final voting jury. The methodology and process for JA Global Business Hall of Fame nominees has been established with support from PwC, which will partner with JA Worldwide to ensure protocols are followed in the selection of laureates.

Round 1: Both third-party and self-nominations will be open to the public beginning at 12:01amET on November 20, 2019, and ending at 11:59:59pmET on December 31, 2019. No entries will be accepted after 11:59:59pmET on December 31, 2019. The review and selection committees will review all nominations and identify the ten finalists.

Round 2: Ten finalists (plus two alternates) will be vetted by the selection committee and must accept the terms of agreement of the JA Global Business Hall of Fame. After this process is complete, the ten finalists will be put forth for the voting jury to select the 2020 inductees.

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Nominee Categories

JA Global Business Hall of Fame nominees fall into two categories:

  • Innovator: Under 40 years of age, entrepreneurial in spirit, and community focused, the Innovator is changing the landscape globally or has emerged on the global stage as a result of his or her work. The Innovator is an inspiration, full of energy, and passionate about work, courageous, and a promoter of change and innovation on behalf of the global good.

  • Leader: As a senior leader who is an inspiration to others, the Leader’s contributions have advanced the landscape of business with a focus on improving the lives of others. As a result, the Leader has led companies and initiatives toward the Global Goals and is a role model who exhibits social values, inclusivity, and a global point of view. The Leader is likely to have led with a large scope of responsibility, resources, and talent (for example, 200+ employees; $3 million+ annual revenue, and so on).

Nominee Eligibility

Nominees to the JA Global Business Hall of Fame

  • Must be at least 18 years old

  • Cannot be a member of the review committee, selection committee, or voting jury in same year as the nomination

  • Cannot be a current JA employee or have been employed by JA in the last 12 months

Learn more about nomination rules and regulations. {link to the Rules/Regulations landing page}

Nominee Commitment

Nominee must agree with the following terms.

If selected as a finalist for the Global Business Hall of Fame, each nominee must:

  • Acknowledge that JA Worldwide will utilize some of your personal information and your global contributions in marketing the JA Global Business Hall of Fame.

  • Agree to create a video in collaboration with JA Worldwide to be used for promotion of the nominee to the JA Global Business Hall of Fame and for educational purposes to inspire youth and the JA global network.

  • Understand that JA Worldwide will conduct a background check utilizing database, Refinitiv.

  • Meet with JA Worldwide representatives within two months of selection.

If selected as a 2020 JA Global Business Hall of Fame, each laureates must (in addition to Finalist agreements):

  • Sign the Finalist Agreement.

  • Work with JA Worldwide to explore an overall engagement and collaboration strategy to impact youth around the globe, in alignment with the JA mission.

  • Feature recognition as a JA Global Business Hall of Fame laureate in his or her CV and personal brand marketing.

  • Travel to an in-person event sponsored by JA Worldwide for honor and recognition.

  • Collaborate with JA Worldwide in development of a laureate virtual hall of fame profile, which will remain in the virtual JA Global Business Hall of Fame in perpetuity.

Any of the ten finalists who are not inducted as laureates into the JA Global Business Hall of Fame in the year first nominated will be automatically put forth for consideration the immediate year after. An opt-out option is available when/if applicable.

Diversity Statement

The JA Global Business Hall of Fame seeks diverse candidates who represent the global stage, who contribute to the greater good in tangible ways, and whose stories and achievements inspire the next generation. JA Worldwide is committed to sending forth a representative group of ten finalists to the voting jury, which will select the 2020 laureates to be recognized in the JA Global Business Hall of Fame.

JA Global Business Hall of Fame Sponsorship

Special thanks for Delta Air Lines for sponsoring the JA Global Business Hall of Fame and inspiring generations of young people to come.

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Interested in becoming a sponsor of the JA Global Business Hall of Fame? Have questions? Contact Carolyn Bassett, Vice President of Global Development, JA Worldwide.

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