For more than 70 years, HSBC and JA Worldwide have collaborated to help youth develop financial skills and secure long-term prosperity. This year, we’re especially excited to introduce the redeveloped JA More than Money program.

Two out of three adults worldwide are financially illiterate, leading to high debt, mortgage defaults, and insolvency. This cycle contributes to wealth inequality and limits options for too many people. Yet there is a proven solution: teaching financial basics at an early age. 

As part of the experiential JA More than Money program, students ages 7–11 work with trained HSBC volunteers to learn the key differences among earning, saving, and spending; strengthen their money-management skills; and better understand the role and importance of money in their lives. 

As young people develop financial literacy, it spurs their interest in more advanced concepts—like social entrepreneurship and self-employment—that benefit not only their own families but also entire communities. 

In addition to global support of JA More than Money, a number of JA programs come alive when HSBC employee volunteers share their real-life experiences with students in select countries:

  • JA Company Program: Our oldest program, in which students produce a product, create a company, manage their business from start to finish, and then compete for Company of the Year honors.
  • JA Global Marketplace: A blended-learning program that provides middle school students with practical information about the global economy and its effect on students’ lives. 
  • JA Finance Park: A program that introduces students to career exploration and culminates in a visit to an on-site or virtual community where students commit to a budget. 

Through JA’s hands-on programs, HSBC employee volunteers provide teachers and students local support to build skills while inspiring young people to become future savings- and investment-minded leaders who positively impact our economy.

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JA More than Money rollout, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

JA More than Money rollout, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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