Each year, more than 400,000 young entrepreneurs start their first companies through the JA Company Program—our best-known global learning experience.

Many students use the program as a vehicle for social good, helping solve the world’s most challenging issues. Others focus on their neighborhoods and communities, creating jobs that boost local economies, reduce unemployment, and make a real dent in poverty. Along the way, every JA Company Program participant builds a real company with real products and real profits.

Yet the JA Company Program teaches more than entrepreneurship; it builds the skills employers are seeking.

The JA Company Program is the ultimate hands-on learning experience to prepare young people for their professional futures. Here’s an example: Cindy Jazmin Amaya Gomez, CEO of Chocolovers, started her JA company in high school in El Salvador. Working side-by-side with her grandmother, Cindy roasts cocoa beans over an open flame, hand peels them, and blends them into dark chocolate bars. With access to both local and international markets (to which she overnights deliveries), Chocolovers has been successful enough to pay for all four years of Cindy’s college education, and she plans to grow the company, using the marketing and production tools she learned in the JA Company Program. JA is “a way to empower yourself not only in business,” Cindy says, “but also as a person.”

On Giving Tuesday, you can introduce the JA Company Program to more young people, just like Cindy.

A donation of any size gets us closer to ensuring that every young entrepreneur—regardless of geographic location, educational attainment, gender, or age—has access to the JA Company Program, which transforms lives, develops communities, and makes the world a better place.

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