For 30 years, Citi and the Citi Foundation have partnered with JA to ensure pathways to opportunity and upward mobility for young people around the world. In our three decades together, Citi and the Citi Foundation have invested more than $50 million in both large-scale and targeted JA initiatives at every level. In addition, long-term infrastructure investments in technology have enabled JA to deploy systems that are aligning a variety of stakeholders, including NGOs, governments, the private sector, school systems, and the youth constituents. 

Equally important as Citi Foundation’s investment are the 15,000 Citi volunteers who, for the last 30 years, have shared their wisdom, experience, and passion with four million JA students in more than 50 countries. Additional Citi volunteers either serve on JA boards at the local, regional, or worldwide level, or volunteer for Citi’s Global Community Day, working alongside local JA community partners—from New York City to Warsaw to Nairobi—on service projects that help JA locations execute their mission in a meaningful and impactful way.

Libreville, Ghana

Libreville, Ghana

Around the world, Citi supports JA in all six of our regional operating centers:

  • In Africa, Citi Foundation supports the implementation of the JA Company Program in eight countries, and further supports the program by sponsoring the Citi Client Focus Award at the JA Africa Company of the Year Competition, during which Citi volunteers serve as mentors, judges, and facilitators. Citi also supports the JA ITS TYME (Immersion Training Strategy Targeting Young Marginalized Entrepreneurs) program, which develops youths’ understanding of business and entrepreneurship, and builds the skills they require to establish and successfully manage businesses. 
  • Thanks to the support of Citi Foundation, more than 30,000 beneficiaries in the Americas have access to economic-educational programs. The Strengthening Skills initiative benefits 11,000 young people in four countries. JA Women for Development, implemented in ten countries, supports more than 4,500 women who are building small businesses that benefit their families and communities. And a digitization program that combines digital content with face-to-face sessions impacts more than 15,000 young in Guatemala, Colombia, and Dominican Republic.

  • At the 2017 JA Asia Pacific Company of the Year Competition, the second-place team—Golden Great Ganesha Student Company—produced and sold multi-functional and highly durable ethnic bags with a business plan that impressed judges. The team of four young women from a public school, which competed against teams from well-resourced private schools in the region, received its support from Citibank Indonesia/Citibank Semarang volunteers, who mentored students as they developed their business ideas and throughout the competition.  

  • JA Europe and Citi Foundation foster entrepreneurship at the secondary and post-secondary education levels through Citi’s support of the JA Company Program, impacting more than 48,000 young people. As primary partner of the JA Europe Company of the Year Competition and the Entrepreneurship Education Summit, Citi also awards the Citi Client Focus Award to the student company best demonstrating client-led innovation and entrepreneurship. In addition, JA Europe and Citi Foundation collaborate on the EE-Hub project, a network of experts and educators that aims to encourage policy-makers and business leaders to advance entrepreneurship education, both at EU and national levels. 

  • “For over 30 years,” says Rachael Barber, Head of Community Development, Citi EMEA, “our partnership with JA Europe has supported hundreds of thousands of young people to understand what it takes to start and run their own business. Through the Citi Foundation’s Pathways to Progress initiative we are focusing our efforts on preparing young people to be successful in today’s economy.”

  • In the Middle East and North Africa, Citi Foundation supports INJAZ AL-Arab through the JA Company Program and Innovation Camps across ten countries, reaching over 11,000 students. Both initiatives accelerate young people’s ability to contribute to the economic development of their countries by connecting them with dedicated business mentors and providing them with the skills and mindset they need to inspire positive change in their communities. 

  • In the U.S., Citi volunteers dedicate their time and talents to help drive JA’s mission of empowering young people to engage in their own economic development and contribute to the strength of their communities. During JA Job Shadow Days, groups of high school students are introduced to potential career opportunities by spending the day at Citi offices. Likewise, Citi employees spend a full day in the classroom to support the JA In a Day program, which helps teach and inspire youth about the connection between education and success in the workplace. 

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Lastly, at the global level, Citi Foundation is steadfast supporter, allowing the JA Worldwide headquarters to innovate, invest in, and grow the ideas that best support the needs of the JA global network.

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