MetLife Foundation Announces 2015 Entrepreneurial Award Winners


July 23, 2015

MetLife Foundation Announces 2015 Entrepreneurial Award Winners

Through our 15-year partnership with the MetLife Foundation, we're thrilled to announce the 2015 MetLife Foundation Entrepreneurial Award winners.

Sowing the Seeds of Entrepreneurship Award ($10,000 to each JA area office advancing promising, but untested program concepts):

  • JA of Georgia, Atlanta (Junior Achievement Magnet Business Academy at Banneker High School)
  • JA of the Philippines, Makati City (JA Business Innovation)
  • Junior Achievement of South Dakota, Sioux Falls (Stepping Ahead in the JA Branding R.A.C.E.)

Entrepreneurial Award ($25,000 to each JA area office for innovative programs and processes that have been implemented with good results and show strong potential for replication and adaptation):


  • JA of Georgia, Atlanta (Driving Student Outcomes through Utilizing Volunteer Feedback at JA Biztown and JA Finance Park)
  • Junior Achievement of Greater New Orleans (JA Trust Your Crazy Ideas Challenge)
  • Junior Achievement of Idaho, Boise (Utilizing In-State Broadband Digital Systems to Deliver JA programs)
  • JA of South Central PA, Wayne (STEM Summit)


  • IW Junior (JA Germany), Köln (implementation of online software for the JA Company Program in Germany)
  • JA Mascareignes, Curepipe (Socio-Economic Awareness Program)
  • Junior Achievement SA (South Africa), Johannesburg (Digital Enterprise Programme)
  • JA Zimbabwe, Marlborough (JA Success Skills for Enterprise Program)

Congratulations to JA area offices around the world, as they continue to demonstrate entrepreneurship and innovation in their day-to-day work on behalf of JA students!

As we're waiting for the 2015 MetLife Awards to be announced at the JA National Leadership Conference, we're throwing back to last year's incredible awardees! #JANLC2015

Posted by JA Worldwide on Thursday, July 23, 2015