Meet the Inaugural Class of the JA Worldwide Fellows Program


February 22, 2018

Meet the Inaugural Class of the JA Worldwide Fellows Program

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Through the launch of the JA Worldwide Fellows Program, six high-potential JA leaders will deepen their leadership, mentorship, and strategic skills over the next 18 months. The program will include leadership of a global initiative that allows for direct collaboration with JA Worldwide leaders, board members, and external experts. Fellows will also travel to two global leadership conferences throughout their tenure.

Meet the inaugural class of high-potential leaders across the globe, and find out more about their projects by opening the JA Worldwide Fellows Program Project List.


Martha Cervantes

Leadership and Human Capital Fellowship: Define and Execute Leadership Development and Onboarding Project

Martha Cervantes serves as the Operations Director for JA Mexico. With 25 years in the organization, she has worked in communications, development, and programs, and was instrumental in the creation of the Mexican Business Hall of Fame, the introduction in the country of JA Finance Park, and in the development of the International Students Forum (FIE, per its acronym in Spanish), a summer program that now serves as the blueprint for the first-ever JA Global Youth Forum.

Her experience with JA includes seven years of service at the JA of Southeast Texas (Houston) office, where she worked at JA BizTown. Martha holds a degree and specialization in marketing and design thinking and is currently the lead host for the Global Entrepreneurship Week in Mexico.

Read about Martha's project by downloading the JA Worldwide Fellows Program Project List.

Alison Gottsch-Walton

Augmented Reality Program Fellowship: Pilot Program for Augmented and Virtual Reality Project

Alison Gottsch-Walton is the Program Director for Junior Achievement of Lincoln. In three years, Alison has led the Programming Department to increase student impact by 29%. She has a strong passion for inspiring youth entrepreneurship and teaching the importance of financial literacy.

Alison is a graduate of the University of Nebraska at Kearney with a bachelor of arts degree in organizational communication. 

Read about Alison's project by downloading the JA Worldwide Fellows Program Project List.



Sunah Lee

Growth and Governance Fellowship: Growth via Sub-Licensing Project

Sunah Lee started her career as a marketing associate handling cosmetics and perfume in a duty-free market. Before joining JA Korea, she worked as an English teacher for more than ten years. She shifted her career after watching her students break down over "study stress."

Now with JA, she enjoys educating students and preparing them for the real world. She manages international programs; her major partners are multinational corporations.

Read about Sunah's project by downloading the JA Worldwide Fellows Program Project List.

Torild Nilsen Mohn

Centennial Fellowship: Impact Communications and Storytelling Project

Torild Nilsen Mohn is head of the Learning Team at JA Norway. She brings a wealth of experience teaching adults, ranging from advising students at BI Norwegian Business School to  Experience to joining the faculty of Education at Vestfold University College.

Prior to her current position, Torild was program manager with JA Norway. She holds degrees in biology and the natural sciences.

Read about Torild's project by downloading the JA Worldwide Fellows Program Project List.



Eloiza Savvidou

Summer Camps Fellowship: JA Global Youth Forum and Spring/Summer Camp Strategy Project

Eloiza Savvidou is a qualified lawyer and a chartered accountant with a passion for education and social entrepreneurship. After working for eight years in the corporate world in London and in Limassol, she became, in 2013, the first CEO of Junior Achievement Cyprus. Her mission since then has been to build a solid and financially healthy organization with a well-recognized brand nationwide, serving more than 2,000 students nationwide and winning prestigious awards at both European and International level.

Apart from her role in JA Cyprus, Eloiza is active in innovation. In 2012, she co-founded Chrysalis LEAP, the first clean-tech accelerator in Cyprus, of which she is currently the Community Outreach Director. Chrysalis LEAP is an official partner of EU’s Climate KIC and has trained more than 70 startups, helping them raise more than half a million Euros. Moreover, in October 2017, it organized the largest green idea competition in the world (Climate Launch Pad) in which 105 startups were participating across the world.

Eloiza has studied law at the University of Bristol and has a masters in commercial and intellectual property law from the same university. In 2008, she obtained the title of chartered accountant while working as an audit executive in Ernst & Young LLP London. Recently, she became a certified leadership and executive Coach through the University of Berkeley, California.

Read about Eloiza's project by downloading the JA Worldwide Fellows Program Project List.

Vincent Supparayen

Global Operations Fellowship: Small and Mighty Nations Project

Vincent Supparayen is a Development and Training Officer at Junior Achievement Mascareignes. He oversees the development and contextualization of new programs in Mauritius, the monitoring and evaluation process, and the communication of JA Mascareignes. He joined JA, pushed by the curiosity to learn how different educational methods enable a country to upskill their labour force so as to achieve a constant and sustainable development. His interest is in how to become more data driven, when it comes to decision making and strategy planning, and how the use of social media could improve the way we communicate our action. Before joining JA, Vincent completed his Bachelor of Social Science, majoring in Economics and International Relations, at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. 

Read about Vincent's project by downloading the JA Worldwide Fellows Program Project List.