Johnson & Johnson Partners with JA on STEM2D Initiative


June 6, 2016

Johnson & Johnson Partners with JA on STEM2D Initiative

We're thrilled to announce a partnership with Johnson & Johnson to advance the education of young women and girls in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Manufacturing, and Design (STEM2D). Through this and one other partnership, J&J intends to reach one million girls between the ages of 5 and 18 by 2020, part of a broader effort to accelerate the development of women leaders and "spark enchantment" among young women of STEM2D disciplines and fields. 

Read a blog post by Meri Stevens, former mechanical engineer and current Vice President, Strategy & Deployment, Johnson & Johnson Supply Chain, in which she discusses the importance of the STEM2D initiative and the partnership.

Programs for this initiative will be focused on tailored activities that reach young women and girls through multiple approaches across in-school and out-of-school curricular activities and community-based events.

“Women’s economic equality is good for business, good for the global economy, and good for society,” said Asheesh Advani, CEO of JA Worldwide. “JA is already a place for girls to learn entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and work readiness skills on equal footing with boys. This partnership allows us to create even more opportunities for girls to specifically build STEM2D skills and confidence. Getting more girls into STEM2D careers will be an increasingly important driver of economic growth in the future.”