JA Is an Organizational Partner at the Largest Education Conference in the World


March 19, 2018

JA Is an Organizational Partner at the Largest Education Conference in the World

The Global Education & Skills Forum, which brings together leaders from the public, private, and social sectors, is the world's most preeminent education event addressing the challenges of education, equity, and employment for all.

Over two days, more than 2,000 delegates at the Dubai, UAE, forum debate and shape new ways for education to transform our world. The Forum culminates in the awarding of the Global Teacher Prize, honoring outstanding educators for their exemplary leadership and groundbreaking work that has effected lasting social change with their students and communities around them. Watch a conference highlights reel below.

JA brought our Senior Leadership Team, plus the six newly minted JA Worldwide Fellows, to the event. Some JA conference participants spent time learning more how about virtual and augmented reality in schools and universities may improve education. (One of the JA Worldwide Fellows, Alison Gottsch-Walton, is exploring how to harness VR/AR at JA.)

Asheesh Advani then led a panel on the future of school partnerships with the private sector, along with Akef Aqrabawi of INJAZ Al-Arab, Steven Lang of InSpring, Caroline Jenner of JA Europe, and Yemi Babington-Ashaye of the World Economic Forum's Global Shapers. Watch the session below.

JA also participated in a debate about celebrity culture. Asheesh Advani argued against the harmful impact of celebrity on young people, while JA alumna Kim Kaupe, Shark Tank competitor and co-founder of ZinePak, argued that young people's obsession with celebrity culture has no negative effects on their opportunities for a good education and a career. Watch the scintillating debate, below.

We look forward to supporting next year's Global Education and Skills Conference!

All photos by the supremely talented Kate Carton