JA Europe's Company of the Year Competition: Day 3


July 28, 2016

JA Europe's Company of the Year Competition: Day 3

The final day of the JA Europe Company of the Year Competition in Lucerne featured a showcase of all the team's products, the final judging, and the awards ceremony, including an inspiring speech by Swiss President Johann Schneider-Ammann.

Congratulations to all 36 inspiring teams, which made the judges' jobs difficult. Here are the award-winners for 2016:

  • Social Media Audience Award, earning the most likes on Facebook: Moon Chocolate from JA Iceland. Moon Chocolate sells high-quality bean-to-bar chocolate. The beans come from Tanzania and are considered to be among the best beans in the world, in both taste and process quality.
  • UBS Most Innovative Product Award: Shellbag from JA Spain. Shellbag is a patented biodegradable bag made from banana peels, with an adhesive strip that easily sticks to any snack bag of your choice.
  • AT&T Excellence in IT Award: Team Oculus from JA Romania. Oculus incorporates state-of-the-art sensors and efficient algorithms to create MITRA glasses, which provide essential aid and safety to visually impaired people during movement. They're cost effective, remotely upgradable, and user-friendly.
  • Citi Client Focus Award: Update UF from JA Sweden. Update UF makes it easy for businesses to keep their social media updated. The team's knowledge and commitment contributes to a dynamic and active dialogue between businesses and their followers on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Fedex Access Award for connectivity, innovation, and globalization: FormUp from JA Belgium (French-speaking). FormUp is a game based on the principle of interlocking geometric shapes. More than 1500 products have already been sold in Belgium, France, and Switzerland!
  • MetLife LifeChangers Award: SmileyBin from JA Greece. SmileyBin is a recycling business concept focusing on maximizing the environmental profit. Its model is based on a reciprocity motive, where citizens who recycle collect points through an app on their smartphones.
  • Second Runner-Up: Enlighten Hope from Young Enterprise Northern Ireland. Enlighten Hope has written, illustrated, and published child-friendly stories that help young cancer patients deal with chemotherapy and radiotherapy side effects in a hopeful, joyful, and inspirational way.
  • First Runner-Up: Irdify from JA Slovakia. Irdify develops and manufactures universal remote controllers for smartphones. After being plugged into the jack port of a smartphone, the product lets you control televisions, set-top boxes, and other devices.
  • Company of the Year: SubReader from JA Denmark. SubReader is an app yhsy helps dyslexic people read subtitles on international TV and movies aloud. It operates independently of a TV or other media and, therefore, doesn't require any setup. "We are very proud to win the main Company of the Year Competition this year," the team said. This prize rewards the huge amount of works we have dedicated to this new business. Competing here in Lucerne was mind blowing. It was fantastic to meet peers from across Europe, to learn from them as well as from the jury members."

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Team descriptions and quote from winning team: JA Europe's website