JA China Hosts Belt and Road Entrepreneurship Camp

September 7, 2019

JA China Hosts Belt and Road Entrepreneurship Camp

JA China organized the 2019 Belt and Road Entrepreneurship Camp for New Business Talents for participants from nine countries. The camp, a collaboration with the Shanghai Commercial Accounting School, was held August 20–24 in Shanghai and served as a platform for students, teachers, and principals from different locations to exchange ideas and learn from one another through workshops, discussions, and other events. Deputy Director of Shanghai Education Commission Mao Li Juan, Deputy Director of the Shanghai Economic and Information Commission Ruan Li, Chairman and President of JA China Paul Chou, and other distinguished guests were in attendance.

Organizers’ goal was for the camp to provide a practical educational opportunity and platform for students and teachers in countries and regions participating in the “Belt and Road” initiative to interact and exchange experiences and insights about their respective fields in economic business, innovation, and entrepreneurship education.

The camp’s theme—“Sensing Thriving Spreading”—was based on JA’s focus on promoting an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit and integrating personal growth, confidence development, leadership, and entrepreneurship education. Teachers and students participated in workshops, business education roundtable discussions, job shadowing, the Future Entrepreneur Trade Fair Contest, and the cross-national Business Innovation Challenge. Activities were designed to stimulate entrepreneurial thinking and foster creativity, collaboration, and communication.

During the Future Entrepreneurship Trade Fair Contest, 17 JA student companies displayed and sold their products. Meanwhile, the Business Innovation Challenge focused on cross-cultural teamwork, giving students an opportunity to work in teams on a mission or problem relevant to today’s world. During Job Shadow Day, teachers visited Shanghai-based company Ctrip, which gave them insight into the kind of talent the company seeks. Finally, a city walk around Shanghai allowed participants the chance to explore local nightlife, experience traditional Chinese culture, and fully immerse themselves in the city.

The 2019 Belt and Road Youth Entrepreneurship Camp for New Business Talents enabled participants to engage in deep and friendly exchanges and together come up with innovative solutions for development of the future of cities, education, and business. Alice Chou, Executive Director of JA China, said, “JA, as an international educational nonprofit organization, has been committed to promoting cross-cultural communication, motivating and nurturing youth character and their ability to succeed in the global economy. We’re happy to see that nearly 100 teachers and students from 10 countries and regions participated in the Belt and Road Youth Entrepreneurship Camp for New Business Talents. Students not only have a deeper understanding of business but also met young entrepreneurs from different countries. This is a rare experience to help them better prepare for the future.”