JA Celebrates International Youth Day


August 12, 2018

JA Celebrates International Youth Day

On International Youth Day, we're celebrating more than 10 million JA students who expand their career skills, learn to manage their finances, and create companies with real products and real profits each year.


We're also celebrating the work of our JA locations across 116 countries, which nurture the dreams and talents of young people to build tomorrow's job creators and visionary leaders. 


And our global and regional corporate partners, which support our international, regional, and local operations; help us expand our reach; and share the talents of their staff as volunteers and board members.


We couldn't do this critical work without our 465,000 volunteers, who take time out of their busy careers to serve as role models and mentors to our global youth. 


And our global alumni, who inspire us with the skills they've mastered, the confidence they've gained, and the companies they've created.