JA Asia Pacific Students Compete for Company of the Year and Other Awards


February 26, 2016

JA Asia Pacific Students Compete for Company of the Year and Other Awards

Out of the 17,000 student who participate in the JA Company Program in Asia Pacific, only 59 qualified for the JA Asia Pacific Company of the Year Competition. Fifteen teams from China, Guam, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand attended the event this week in Seoul, Korea, along with a team from the UK, which was there as part of a cross-regional collaboration.

Award winners are as follows:

Company of the Year: CED (JA Korea), which developed an online game that taught environment education.

Company of the Year, 2nd Place: ReKUnize (JA Thailand), which designed and produced an innovative phone wallet.

Company of the Year, 3rd Place: Facio (JA Singapore), which design and produced a backpack that detaches into smaller bags.

Young Entrepreneurs’ Choice Award: SYO (JA Japan)

FedEx Access Award: MUnited (JA Thailand)

HSBC Best Financial Management Award: CED (JA Korea)

Microsoft Best Use of Information Technology: Facio (JA Singapore)

Jun Hyeok Kwak, a team member from CED, was overjoyed: “Winning the Asia Pacific JA Company of the Year Competition is overwhelming . . . it’s amazing! We're so proud to have won this award after working so hard. Thank you to all our supporters. The JA Company Program meant so much to us. We not only grew as a team, but evolved into such a great company. We look forward to exciting opportunities in the future!”

Vivian Lau, President of JA Asia Pacific, also praised the JA Company Program: “We're proud to see secondary students across Asia Pacific taking part in our flagship Company Program. Through this initiative, students are able to gain key insights into the world of entrepreneurship. This is one of the best experiences a young person can have in order to be successful in today’s global economy."

The top students from our other five regions (JA USA, JA Europe, INJAZ Al-Arab, JA Americas, and JA Africa) will also compete in regional Company of the Year Competitions throughout 2016.

All photos courtesy of JA Asia Pacific.