JA Asia Pacific Hosts 2017's First Company of the Year Competition


February 21, 2017

JA Asia Pacific Hosts 2017's First Company of the Year Competition

Over the last three days, brilliant young entrepreneurs have competed for prestigious awards at the JA Asia Pacific's Company of the Year competition. Each competing team was required to give a business presentation, sit for interviews with the panel of judges, and sell their wares in the Trade Fair, before celebrating with an awards ceremony and dinner.

The competition began with the FedEx Access Seminar, during which students learned about global access and connectivity, community impact, and environmental sustainability. They then got together with their JA companies to create a FedEx Access Award Statement.

Students then practiced their business presentations before heading out for an evening of fun with their teammates and new friends.

The next day, each company attempted to convince the panel of judges—think Shark Tank or Dragon's Den—that their products were the most innovative, best marketed, and most socially conscious. Here's what JA Asia Pacific tweeted about each team (photos are below the tweets):

Team Elysian Enterprise from @malaysiaja created and marketed a wall organizer/multipurpose box to hold school and work supplies. #JAAPCOY

Team POT (Planet Oriented Technology) from #JAHongKong created a potted plant with technology that allows you to interact with it via an app. #JAAPCOY


The phone carrying case from Team SUM in #JAThailand is made from textile waste! #JAAPCOY

Team Stygian & Co. from #JABrunei created a leather pouch/clutch! #JAAPCOY


Team Collar Couture from @guamja handcrafted couture bow ties for people, pets, or packages! #JAAPCOY

Team LovU from #JAChina created a lighted umbrella that brightens the road ahead. #JAAPCOY

Team Hiraya from @japhilippines_ introduced the Pina bag, a versatile,  innovative, and durable office bag made of pineapple and synthetic leather. #JAAPCOY

Team SOL from @guamja sourced, produced, and sold a solar-powered phone case. #JAAPCOY

Team SendU from @JAKorea created an app that lets you send an old-fashioned letter using a smartphone app! #JAAPCOY

Team 3GSC (Great Golden Senesha Student Company from @prestasijunior (Indonesia) designed and created multifunctioinal, practical, durable bags that compete with the big-name manufacturers. #JAAPCOY

Team Shooting Star from @ja_japan created a collection of products that included jewelry, decor, beauty accessories, and bags. #JAAPCOY

Team Galaxy Oasis from #JAChina advocates for healthy feet by selling foot deodorant spray and other products. #JAAPCOY

Team Wings of @malaysiaja created a host of products, ranging from friendship bands, a notebook made from recycled paper, and a color-changing mug. #JAAPCOY

Team U.P. of @JAKorea designed a hanging block that makes it easier to arranged cluttered clothes. #JAAPCOY

Team Atameken of @JAKazakhstan also created a wide product range, from scrapbooks and coasters to a durable saddle bag. #JAAPCOY

Team KASCA of #JAThailand designed a mutlifunctional device stand from compressed rice husks. #JAAPCOY

Team FFyouth of @ja_japan created traditional products, such as handmade fans and Hakata-ori tissue cases. #JAAPCOY

Team ReenoV8 of #JASingapore designed and sourced a lifestyle pouch made entirely from recycled jeans. #JAAPCOY

Team Helper's Hague of @ja_india made a strong but lightweight load carrier that'll tackle whatever you need to carry. #JAAPCOY

From there, students went into their one-on-one interviews with judges, and then wrapped up their day.

The next morning was all about the Trade Fair: booths created by student team to showcase and sell their products. Each team designed and stocked its own booth.

Once the booths were up, it was time for Trade Fair Opening Ceremony, which JA Asia Pacific livestreamed on Facebook.

The competition ended with the awards ceremony and dinner, during which five teams were honored with prestigious awards:

Company of the Year, 1st place: KASCA, JA Thailand, for its device stand made from compressed rice husks

Company of the Year, 2nd place: Team 3GSC, JA Indonesia, for its practical, durable bags

Company of the Year, 3rd place: Team Collar Couture, JA Guam, for its handcrafted couture bow ties

FedEx Access Award: Hiraya, JA Philippines, for it's bags made of pineapple and synthetic leather

Young Entrepreneurs' Choice Award: LovU, JA China, for its lighted umbrella.

Watch the live award announcements below!

A huge thank you to JA Asia Pacific, host JA Japan, FedEx, and the judges (shown below) for another successful Company of the Year competition. Later this year, our five other regional operating centers will host their own region-wide competitions. Stay tuned!