HSBC and JA Partnership Focuses on #MorethanMoney

October 1, 2018–December 7, 2018

HSBC and JA Partnership Focuses on #MorethanMoney

We’re excited to have spent the last two months celebrating HSBC volunteers throughout the world, who mentor JA students, changing the lives of these young people. During the campaign, volunteers have been encouraged to add a frame to their Facebook profile pictures!

HSBC and JA are helping young people develop the skills they need to realize long-term prosperity for themselves, their families, and their communities. One of the most important skills is financial literacy. A lack of financial awareness and illiteracy can easily lead to high debt, mortgage defaults, insolvency, and lifelong poverty. That's why from the start of JA's partnership with HSBC, our focus on financial literacy has been about #MorethanMoney. Read more from HSBC’s Daniel Klier and JA’s Asheesh Advani.

The JA More than Money program—recently updated and digitized thanks to our partnership with HSBC—teaches so much #MorethanMoney. It teaches #FutureSkills like entrepreneurship and design thinking, too. With the skills young people learn through JA More than Money and other HSBC-sponsored activities, they’re equipped for innovation and entrepreneurship.

JA-HSBC #MorethanMoney infographic.png

Find out the six steps to financial literacy, as well as why JA More than Money teaches financial literacy to students as early as third grade. And check out the following Twitter Moments about the JA-HSBC partnership, with tweets from Russia, Spain, Canada, and more!

Are you an HSBC volunteer? Are you a JA student who was mentored by an HSBC volunteer. Tweet at us @jaworldwide, using the hashtags #MorethanMoney and #FutureSkills.