Citi and JA Celebrate Citi Global Community Day

June 10, 2019

Citi and JA Celebrate Citi Global Community Day

Citi’s Global Community Day—an event celebrating community service around the world—is so much more than a single day. Just as the enthusiasm of the “day” spills over into a week-long celebration, Citi’s Global Community Day reflects years of the JA-Citi partnership, which helps prepare young people for employment and entrepreneurship.

Here are some examples of Citi’s Global Community Day in action across the JA network:

  • On June 4, Citi volunteers laced up their bowling shoes to raise money for JA of New York, ultimately raising $38,000 for student learning experiences.

  • On June 6, Citi volunteers organized a slate of activities with JA Slovakia:

  • A mentoring session for students involved in the JA Student Company program, focusing on communication skills.

  • A JA Job Shadow activity for students enrolled in the JA Student Company program.

  • A presentation to students at Obchodna Akademia Racianska in Bratislava as part of the Bankers to Schools program.

  • On June 8, JA Gabon partnered with Citi and the National Institute of Management Sciences (INSG) to organize the 8th edition of the INSG Open Day, which included conferences, debates, training workshops, exhibitions, and a raffle under the theme of "Cultural and creative industries as factors of employment and growth for Gabon.”

  • Also on June 8, JA Denmark and JA Luxembourg celebrated Global Community Day by honoring Citi’s long-term commitment to the JA Company Program and JA Company of the Year awards.

  • That same day, JA Turkey celebrated its partnership with Citi via the FinTech Innovation Camp, described in the following video:

  • On June 9, JA Ireland shared a profile of Citi volunteer Fran Bourke (pictured below), who is making a tremendous difference in the lives of young people.

  • And on June 10, JA Bulgaria kicked off the JA Rising Stars forum, thanks to support from Citi volunteers.


A number of events are still on the agenda for the week of June 10, during which Citi volunteers will partner with teachers to lead hands-on workshops about money, careers, and business.

Citi believes that every child deserves a chance at success. We couldn’t agree more! Thanks to all the Citi volunteers who are joining JA locations around the world to mentor students in celebration of Citi Global Community Day!